What She Makes: Power and Poverty in the Fashion Industry

Read our powerful report on just how little women in the garment industry make (October 2017).

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A Sewing Kit for Living Wages

A toolkit for the fashion industry to move towards living wages in supply chains (September 2017).

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A Living Wage in Australia

Want to know how Deloitte calculated living wages? Read their background report for Oxfam (October 2017).

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Living Wages - Q&A

Want to get into the detail of living wages? Use this handy Q&A.

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Living Wages - Stuff companies say

Companies say all sorts of things when confronted with poverty wages. Here’s a Q&A to help you respond to some of their claims.

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Reward Work, Not Wealth Report

Oxfam’s global report on inequality from January 2018.

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Reward Work, Not Wealth Report Summary

No time for the full report? Here's a summary of Oxfam’s 2018 global report on inequality (January 2018).

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Inequality in Australia Fact Sheet

Our Fact Sheet on Inequality in Australia – and how Australian fashion supply chains play a part (January 2018).

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